Summer Camps


The Barn Day Camp (at Farm & Wilderness)

A day camp for children ages 4-10, the Barn Day Camp offers a caring and creative community experience for children.

Children at the Barn Day Camp will learn to take care of the farm animals, sing songs and make music, receive swimming instruction at their ability level, learn to use tools as they do work projects, hike, canoe and rock climb, explore their creativity with visual art, movement and drama. Children at the Barn Day Camp will enjoy working together in small groups in a cooperative respectful style that gives them the freedom of being outdoors in a safe and nurturing community.

Daily transportation to and from the Barn Day Camp is offered at extra cost from the following locations:

Bridgewater Hawk Ludlow Killington Mendon Rutland Woodstock

For more information about the Barn Day Camp,  contact Sam at 802-422-3761.


Timberlake (at Farm & Wilderness)

Timberlake is a camp for 100 boys, ages 9-14, founded in 1939. Timberlake’s mission is to create a safe and challenging environment where a boy can learn new skills, make friends, and gain a deeper understanding of himself and the world. Full and half season options are offered to all ages. For 9 and 10 year olds new to Farm & Wilderness, we offer 2-week sessions.

Timberlake is a place where a boy can climb trees, fly off rope swings into a clear, cool lake, build cabins, laugh with friends, eat great food, create incredible art and do a thousand other things. Each day is filled with excitement, challenge and joy. Timberlake thrives on the imagination and energy of campers and staff working together to create a safe, supportive and fun community.

For more information about Timberlake,  contact Sam at 802-422-3761.

Indian Brook (at Farm & Wilderness)

Indian Brook is a camp for 100 girls, ages 9-14. Indian Brook was founded in 1941 and emphasizes self-reliance, empowerment and valuable skills for young women. Full and half season options are offered to all ages. For 9 and 10 year olds new to Farm & Wilderness, we offer 2-week sessions.

Girls are in motion at Indian Brook – learning, laughing, digging, hammering, painting, building, climbing, talking, hiking, paddling, swimming. In these activities and more, nurtured by a supportive and compassionate staff, each girl is encouraged to develop new self-confidence, new skills, and an abiding joy.

For more information about Indian Brook, please  contact Sam at 802-422-3761.

Flying Cloud (at Farm & Wilderness)

Flying Cloud is a remote, simple-living camp for 40 boys, ages 11-14. Flying Cloud emphasizes rustic living skills, a deep-rooted community, and respect for each other and the land.

Leaving watches and electricity behind, Flying Cloud comes alive with the enchanting sounds of nature, and the hard play and hard work of boys and young men: bare feet running across the earth, rollicking laughter, a crackling fire, water gurgling as it tumbles into the stream from a nearby pond, voices chanting in harmony over a beating drum, an old water pump squeaking as it moves up and down.

Flying Cloud is a place apart. Connected to the rest of the world only by a dirt track, Flying Cloud finds home in a mountainside clearing surrounded by hundreds of acres of wilderness. Here, campers learn to live simply in a caring community that respects life and all its rhythms.

For more information about Flying Cloud, please contact Sam at 802-422-3761.

Saltash Mountain (at Farm & Wilderness)

Saltash Mountain grows wilderness adventurers. A camp for 40 boys and girls, ages 11-14, Saltash Mountain focuses on wilderness traveling, mastering outdoor skills, and community building.

Campers at Saltash Mountain Camp (SAM) spend many of their summer days on the trails and rivers of New England. For four of the seven weeks, all of the campers are exploring on trips for three to seven days. Six to eight campers go on each trip, led by two experienced counselors.  During their time “In-Camp”, SAM campers play music, write and perform zany skits, swim in Lake Ninevah and participate in making the camp community run smoothly.

Whether hiking along a mountain ridge, paddling a river, singing songs around a camp fire, or relaxing after a swim in Lake Nineveh, Saltash Mountain Camp is an adventure full of fun, community and learning.

For more information about Saltash Mountain Camp, please contact Sam at 802-422-3761.

Tamarack Farm (at Farm& Wilderness)

Tamarack Farm is a farm-based camp for 68 young people, ages 15-17, Tamarack Farm centers on community building, cooperative work projects and community service.

Settled snugly between a steep ridge to the east and a long glacial lake to the west, Tamarack Farm is a rural farm carved from the Vermont woods. Each summer, a wonderfully close community of staff and campers grows through shared work and simple living. Guided by mature, skilled staff, campers are given many opportunities for meaningful responsibility.

For more information about Tamarack Farm, please contact Sam at 802-422-3761.

BETHANY BIRCHES CAMP, coed PLYMOUTH, VT Christian children’s camp with seven, five-day, overnight camps for children ages 8-18 and a two-day overnight camp for ages 6-8. Program includes: integration of arts/crafts, nature, recreation, cooperation course, swimming and outdoor activities with bible lessons and daily worship. Rustic shelter sites with meal preparation over campfires. Brandon Bergey, Director, 2610 Lynds Hill Rd. Plymouth, VT 05035.  (Winter) 802-672-5220  E-Mail: [email protected]