About Plymouth

 Plymouth is a town in Windsor County,Vermont, United States. The population was 555 at the 2000 census. Calvin Coolidge , the 30th President of the United States was born in this town and is also buried here. The State of Vermont, Division for Historic Preservation owns and maintains the Coolidge Homestead and the village of Plymouth Notch.

Nestled in the foothills of Saltash Mountain in the southeast corner of Plymouth, is a hilly district known as Plymouth Kingdom. Now just a name to most people, it was once a thriving prosperous farming community. A community where the inhabitants farmed their rocky hillside farms from sunup to sundown.

Since Plymouth Kingdom was once so much a part of Plymouth, it might be well to note here that the original name of Plymouth was Saltash, under a charter granted by Gov. Benning Wentworth of New Hampshire in 1761. It wasn’t until 1797 that an act of the legislature changed the name to Plymouth.

To reach Plymouth Kingdom after leaving the site of ex-President Calvin Coolidge’s birthplace one must take the road past the small village cemetery to Plymouth Union and on to Tyson bridge then two miles over a dirt road to the Kingdom.

Legend tells us that it was named the Kingdom by a small boy. Each morning he and his father traveled by buckboard along the road beneath the spot and when they would come to the road, he would ask his father, “Where does that road go, Father?” “That road” his Father replied on one occasion “goes to the Kingdom, God lives up there.” The boy was so intrigued by this answer that he told everyone he knew about the Kingdom, until in time it became known as the Kingdom, Plymouth Kingdom. . . . (more to follow . . .)

Source: Vermont History, edited by Leon W. Dean, President, Green Mountain Folklore Society, Vol. XXIV, No. 4, October 1956